Company Logo Magnets Philippines

Company Logo Magnets Philippines

Kickstart your marketing campaign with custom company logo magnets!

Perfect as corporate giveaways at trade fairs, business conventions, and marketing events, our personalized business logo magnets are sure to grab the attention of your potential clients. 

If distributed strategically, they can bring in more leads and boost your sales while targeting particular geographic markets in the Philippines. They are suitable for restaurant owners, agents, doctors, realtors, contractors, designers, teachers, and small businesses. They can bear your logo, contact details and slogan with the format and colors of your choice.

Die-Cut Logo Magnet Ref Magnet Samples - Digital Printing Zitan Greenfield District Ref Magnets
Sanden - Promotional Ref Magnets
Large Format Magnet - Harmonics Voice 
Die Cut Logo Magnets - Makati Skyscrapers Car Door Logo Magnets Vehicle Magnetic Stickers - Company Logos 
 Car Magnet Sign - Tanlines Philippines Business Logo Magnet With Contact Details 
Waterproof Car Magnet - Innovative 
Vehicle Logo Magnets Philippines 
Dekalb Vehicle Magnet Logo Car Magnet 
Logo Car Magnet - Enchong's Gourmet Tuyo 
MAPFRE Logo Magnetic Signs

When it comes to value for your marketing budget, our custom die cut logo magnets come second to none. For a low investment, you will be able to generate continuous amount of impressions and impacts by including them in your shipments, products, or mailings. If the printing quality of your promotional magnetic stickers is impressive, chances are your customer will keep them and put them on their fridge doors for a long time. 

We stand behind the quality of all our company logo magnets. They are very durable and will stick firmly to a huge range of magnetic-friendly surfaces such as car door, bumper, refrigerator, microwave, filing cabinet, toolbox, etc. With easy customization in size and shape, our custom printed magnets are a fantastic means to keep your business name memorable. We can cut them in square, rectangular, oval, or even die cut shape. Whatever your choice, rest assured that your printed logo will look visually appealing.

Got questions? Do you have a specific shape in mind? 
Talk to us today to order your own custom business logo magnets. Our friendly staff will do the extra mile to give you the perfect bespoke magnetic products at affordable prices.

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