10 Things to Consider in Buying Vehicle Magnets

10 Things to Consider in Buying Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnetic signs are among the most recent advertising trends in the Philippines. Businesses and organizations alike use these flexible car magnets to promote their brands and campaigns.

Here are a few things to consider in buying customized vehicle magnets:

1. Begin by searching for a vehicle magnet maker online. There are many choices to choose from. Choose a supplier that can provide you with customized solutions.

2. Determine the dimension of the magnets. Make sure that they are proportioned to your vehicle. Common sizes vary from 10" x 20" for cars and 12" x 24" for SUVs and delivery trucks.

3. As a general rule, the bigger the magnetic sign, the easier it will be for your audience to read the advertisement.

4. Choose the perfect background color. To ensure maximum visibility, it's sensible to opt for white or bright backgrounds.

5. Simplicity is key when it comes to car magnet design. Take note that potential clients only have a few seconds to read all the details on the magnet before it’s out of reach.


6. Font size and font type also matter. Make your message as concise and straightforward as possible. Display the products or services that you provide and your company name. Adding your URL and telephone numbers is also essential. 

7. Incorporate a picture to the vehicle magnet to make it more appealing. You can add your company logo or attention-grabbing graphics.

8. Decide on the quantity of magnets you require and how they are going to be mounted on your automobile.

9. You should consider any bevels and body molding of your automobile. Take note that the car door may be huge enough. However, if molding across the center is present, you have to adjust your design since you cannot mount the car magnet signs on the entire surface.

10. To ensure the best possible quality of print, you should give a high resolution image file to the printing company of your choice. For amazing results, sending vector art files or jpegs with at least 300 dpi is highly recommended.

Let us help you in choosing the perfect personalized vehicle magnets for your mobile advertising needs in Metro Manila, Philippines. Send us an email today! We will reply to your inquiries as soon as we can.

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