Tips On Designing Promotional Ref Magnets

Tips On Designing Promotional Ref Magnets

Promotional ref magnets are an econominal tool for product marketing. They can be customized to display essential information such as company name, service offerings, website, and contact details.

Here are a few simple tips on how to design ref magnets for promoting your company's products and services effectively.

Graphic design matters a lot. A promotional fridge magnet should be designed in an engaging way. Bear in mind that nobody would want to mount and display an uninteresting image on their fridge, lockers, or filing cabinets. Businesses can imprint their coporate logos, product images, or slogans using attractive font styles on the ref magnets. For maximum visual impact, incorporate designs that are subtle, yet communicate strong meanings.

Select a color palette that will bring a huge impact. You can choose a design consisting of dark background with lighter letters for easy readability. Among the most common color combinations include yellow on black, or white on navy, black or dark green.

Once your layout is finalized, consider what pertinent information you would like to put on the photo magnet. The choice is yours to make. You can imprint your contact number, promotional offers, product details, slogans, and other relevant contents.

When it comes to printing a promotional magnet, there are two factors that must be taken into account. Firstly, all the information, whether texts or photos, displayed on the magnet should be relevant. Secondly, the corporate message that you want to promote must be straightforward and easily understandable by your target clients in the Philippines.

Although promotional fridge magnets are an effective marketing tool, using poor-quality magnets may undo all of your efforts. Make sure the magnetic sheet materials are of great quality. Low-quality magnets with bad printing can ruin the professional image of your business and the consumer’s trust in your brand. Needless to say, your company should hire a professional magnet printer who is capable of making customized photo magnets using the best materials. 

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