Why Promotional Magnets Are Better Than Business Cards

Why Promotional Magnets Are Better Than Business Cards

If you need a cost-effective way to promote your business in the Philippines, you are not alone. That is pretty common these days with so many company's feeling the pinch in this economic time. 

Corporate promotional products might be exactly what your business needs to get some attention right now. You are no doubt always working on getting more business daily, if even by giving people business cards when you meet.
Giving business cards is always a good practice, but you could take it a step further and use promotional magnets instead. With a magnet you have something that will get kept and basically stuck to something because they do stick. They are sturdier than paper business cards, so they don't fall apart as easy.

A paper business card will wind up being tossed aside into a never ending stack of papers or will be used to jot a note on the back. They will get lost in the shuffle and if that perspective customer really wants to find you again, they will have to dig to find that card, if it even still exists by the time the remember it. Paper business cards tend to get lost in the shuffle.

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It doesn't cost too much more to have your business card made into a magnet. It will get noticed by people walking by wherever it got stuck, and the recipient won't forget it. The idea of making it into a business card shape is only one idea for the shape. You can use something else that will jog peoples memory about you. If you sell bicycle parts then the shape of a wheel would look good. A vet's office could use something shaped like a paw print.

The great thing about an item that is magnetic is that it will never be lost in the paper shuffle, instead it will be stuck to something from the time the person receives it. Even if they are not thinking about your business this magnet will serve as a constant reminder of that business contact that you made; it will nag at them to come in for a visit. The next time you head out to make some business contacts, consider using company logo magnets instead of standard business cards and you will find that they have a greater impact on your business.

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