Set Your Marketing in Motion With Vehicle Magnets

Set Your Marketing in Motion With Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnets are an excellent marketing tool that can be used for numerous industries or personal. You may also know them as being called car door magnets because of their usual placement. They are designed to stick to vehicles with metal body panels, making them a great removable signage with making versatility. 

When stopped at a traffic light, you sit there and think that you're wasting your time by waiting for the light to turn green, but with vehicle magnets, every red light becomes an advertising opportunity. At a red light, people will stop and look out the window at the vehicle next to them. This is a perfect opportunity for your vehicle magnets to do their work and set your advertising into motion. Your company's logo or name will stand out along with your products or services on the magnet. Then the onlookers might think to themselves "I need some of that stuff."

Grow your business in the Philippines or bring awareness with custom vehicle magnets and turn every red light or passing vehicle into an advertising opportunity. A vehicle magnet is a moving billboard that can set your advertising into motion at a very low cost. Why pay high monthly advertising prices for a stationary billboard when your vehicle can do the work at one initial low cost? They can easily be removed if you have multiple vehicles you want to switch in-between.

Vehicle Magnets - Capitol Council 

Use the empty space to advertise on your vehicle while traveling for business or personal. Make your own billboard with car magnets that showcases your logo and point of contact, along with your products or services. Vehicle magnets are useful for any industry and can be used on cars, trucks, and vans.

The best way to print custom car door magnets is in full color that will surely emphasize your colors and design for the best impact. The most common vehicle magnets are sizes 12"x 24" or 18" x 24" and printed on a 30 mil. white magnet stock. The magnetic material is opaque and eliminates car color or designs from leaking through.

Vehicle magnetic signs are a great solution for mobile vehicle advertising that can be easily removed or switched from one vehicle to another. It's a smart way to create brand or product recognition in the Philippines without the commitment of full-time vehicle advertising. Don't let space go to waste. They're your vehicles; advertise on them. Get in touch with us today to request a free quote!

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