Why Purchase Magnetic Stickers For Cars

Why Purchase Magnetic Stickers For Cars

Car magnetic stickers are designed to be strong and adhere to a surface without fear of coming off before the owner is ready to remove it. Magnet signs are popular for use on all types of vehicles. 

There are small, medium and large magnets that are designed to fit each vehicle sizes. A typical car size magnet is 8.5x11 with a medium size magnet sign measuring 11x17. Signs that are often used for larger vehicles, such as trucks, are 12x24. There is even 18x24 size magnet signs.

One of the smallest signs is a bumper magnet. It is considered one of the cheapest forms of advertising. Anyone that wants to promote something, advertise something or support something can use bumper magnets. Often these are used for schools, politics, businesses and churches. No more scratching a bumper sticker off a car bumper and harming the car's finish. A bumper magnet can be placed on a bumper and when it is time to remove it there will be no harm to the car as the magnet can be taken off easily.

Magnet signs can make a regular car, van or other vehicle a company vehicle. Using a sign is easier and cheaper than painting the car. Another positive element of signs is since they can be removed easily the sign can be on a vehicle during the day, but when the work day is over the sing can be removed is desired to make the sign a personal vehicle again. Generally, the sign will be a good way to advertise the company and added promotion if the sign remain on at all times.

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These are professionally designed usually high quality materials. These are durable and weather resistant making it useful for placing on a vehicle that might not ever see the inside of a garage and are full color or up to three colors. These have a graphic, business name and contact information printed on it. The ink is also water proof and strong remaining bright and resist fading for up to four years. This is true for any graphics or photos displayed on the magnetic sign. Photos can even be customized for these signs to help create an attractive and appealing look.

Often the magnetic stickers background is made the same color as the car. This will allow it to blend in with the car and look painted adding to a professional finish. Some sign makers provide a deal for customers that provide them with free deals or discounts. If a customer purchases a large quality yard sign order then the magnets signs are free. The yard signs and the magnet signs resemble each other. How many of these are given is determined by how many yard signs are purchased. It is just a way to help the signage makers attract business.

Featured on vehicles are a moving and stationary advertisement for the businesses. The information listed on the magnet sign will be seen day and night as well as while the vehicle is parked or on the move. A tip to get more calls is to include all the important information, but don't clutter the sign because it will make it difficult to read.

Searching for low-cost yet quality magnetic car stickers? You have come to the right spot. Don't hesitate to contact us today to request a free, no-obligation quote! We cater to organizations and businesses, whether big or small, anywhere in the Philippines.

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