Maximize Business Advertising With Magnetic Signs

Maximize Business Advertising With Magnetic Signs
Are you looking for the most cost effective way to maximize your business advertising in the Philippines? Would you like to order an inexpensive sign that will be seen by hundreds of people all over your community every day?

Magnetic car signs are the most cost effective way you can advertise your business.

With magnetic car signs, there are no wasted impressions. Everyone who views your sign is valuable because they are all live in the area of your business. They are all potential customers.

With the use of car door magnets, you can advertise all day, every day. And unlike a stationary sign, a magnetic car sign reaches potential customers outside or your very immediate area. Bringing in new business becomes as easy as getting in your car.

And your business will quickly become a familiar brand!

Since you drive your car anyway, it's essentially free for you to run a commercial for everyone you pass by in your car. With all the people who quickly become familiar with your business and recognize your brand, magnetic car signs pay for themselves almost immediately. Even your parked car becomes a billboard for passers-by.

Best of all, magnetic car signs are an ideal way advertise any type of business.

How can magnetic car signs work for my business?

Do you own a restaurant or a bakery? You're likely to pass dozens of hungry drivers on the road. Get them drooling with a color-photo of your most delicious dish.

Maybe your delivery truck makes a lot of runs throughout the day. Tell your driver to put your magnetic sign on the truck whenever he is headed back to the restaurant - and your sign could tell people to "Follow me to Annie's Bakery!" (You can easily take them on and off, which makes them super flexible.)

Be as creative as you want.

How about a sign that offers a discount at your shop for mentioning you spotted it on the highway? Or create a magnetic car sign that simply offers your business name, address and logo. Your brand will quickly become recognizable when it's seen all around town.

Vehicle Magnetic Sticker - Primo Sorbetero Ice Cream

A few more advantages of magnetic car signs...

Vehicle magnetic signs can be customized to your exact specifications. They can be sized to fit your car door and designed with whatever colors, fonts and graphics you choose.

We also want to ensure that your sign will last as long as possible. Our magnetic signs have a clear scratch-guard top coating as well as a thin film between the magnet and your car, so no damage is done - even if you remove and reapply your signs again and again. And they can withstand high speeds up to 135 mph.

So if you're looking for a distinctive advertisement that will reach the most diverse audience possible while branding your business and creating recognition, consider magnetic car signs. Contact us today to request a free quote!

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