Amazing Advantages of Promotional Magnets in Marketing

Amazing Advantages of Promotional Magnets in Marketing

When it comes to helping your brand and campaign get more publicity in the Philippines, promotional magnets are such a great tool, regardless of what your business niche is. Unlike traditional corporate giveaways and souvenirs, custom magnets are usually kept by its recipients for a long time. 

Let’s take a look at the many advantages of using promotional magnets in marketing your company.

They are easy to distribute.

Promotional magnets, in comparison to many other varieties of business giveaways and freebies, are a lot smaller and much more handy. If you wish to distribute them to your target clients, there is no need to arrange for costly transportation to move them. This saves you money on logistics. Instead, you can simply mail the magnets since they are lightweight and small enough to fit a small envelope.

They are versatile and functional. 

Promotional magnets are particularly practical and versatile. Your recipients can use them in so many different ways. They can be utilized to keep notes or use them to beautify their refrigerators and filing cabinets. In contrast to other customized promotional items such as mugs, shirts, and the like, promotional magnets are much more long lasting. 

Promotional Ref Magnet

They are cheap and effective. 

Did you know that researchers have found out that the average individual opens the refrigerator 10 to 12 times each day? So just imagine the amount of impressions you can generate from just simply giving away promotional magnets to your prospective customers in the Philippines.

Magnets are a cheap investment, but they can serve your business well for many years to come. The common lifespan of a ref magnet, for instance, can last to about 6-8 years. Custom magnets can specifically benefit small businesses with a tight budget for advertising their products and services.

They are customizable. 

Promotional magnets can be personalized with your company name, logo, website, and other pertinent details that you want to remain in your target customers’ minds. They can display your corporate message on many household’s refrigerators, vehicles, microwave ovens, and others. Regardless of what type of business you own, custom magnets can serve as a fantastic tool for your branding initiatives and marketing campaign.

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