Tips to Prolong the Life of Car Magnets

Custom car magnets are a fantastic means to boost your business exposure without burdening your pocket. The removable sign can be mounted on car doors or bumpers, enabling you to advertise your products and services wherever you are driving. 

Likewise, it offers you the flexibility to remove and re-position it, whenever necessary. When properly cared for, your magnetic vehicle signs can last for many years of outdoor use.

Here are a few tips in properly maintaining and prolonging the life of your customized magnetic signs:

  • Before mounting the magnet, make sure the metallic surface is clean and free from dirt and debris 
  • It is advisable that you wipe dry the surface. Having a clean surface will prevent the magnet from sliding off your car even if you drive fast. 
  • During cold and rainy weather conditions, car magnets may not properly stick on the vehicle panels. Be cautious when applying the magnets during these situations. 

  • When installing the magnet, the surface has to be as smooth and flat as possible. 
  • Mount one corner of the car magnet first before attaching the rest. 
  • Double check if any air pockets are present. There should be none when the magnet is applied on the surface. Remove and re-apply the magnet, if you position it incorrectly. 
  • To prevent damaging the magnet, do not pull it across the surface. Do it gently. 
  • Before driving, inspect if the magnetic signs are securely fastened. 

Removal and Cleaning
  • If you wish to remove the magnet for cleaning purposes, make sure not to bend, fold, or crease the corners. 
  • Remove the magnet on a regular basis and check if it is still firmly affixed on your automobile. 
  • Do not apply the magnet on metal surfaces exposed to direct heat and sunlight. 
  • Use a wet paper towel in cleaning the surface of the car magnet. 
  • Avoid applying wax behind the magnetic stickers. 
  • Before mounting the magnet, make sure it’s fully dry. 

  • When vehicle magnets are not in use, keep them in a dry place. You may wrap them in plastic and store them in a box. 
  • Avoid rolling or folding the magnetic signs. 
  • Do not place heavy items on top of the magnet as they can cause damage, crack, and deformation.

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