Are Vehicle Magnetic Signs A Good Investment?

Are Vehicle Magnetic Signs A Good Investment?

Do you need need a temporary signage that can be easily installed on your vehicle? Magnetic signs are the perfect option for you! They are a good investment for enhancing the look of your commercial fleet while maintaining the ease of an easy removal.

Customized vehicle magnetic signs are made of a magnetic sheet with waterproof vinyl affixed to the surface of the magnet. Depending on your layout, the digital prints can be placed on the entire flat flexible rubber magnetic sheet or you may opt to have them die cut to the shape of your choice.

One of the key benefits of purchasing magnetic signs is that you can get them at cheap prices. They are so much more affordable than vehicle wraps, banners, billboards, and digital advertisements, yet their advertising value is as equally as noteworthy. They are particularly effective in showcasing your business during seasonal promotions, sale annoucements, or special offers. You can replace them from time to time to coincide with your current promotional campaign.

Vehicle Magnetic Signs - Business Logos 
Vehicle Magnet - ShipX Customs Brokerage Die Cut Logo Magnet - Handlebar Manila, Philippines

With magnetic signs, you can transform your boring vehicle into a visually appearling mobile advertisement. As a promotional tool, vehicle magnets are a good investment because of its versatility. They can be affixed on car doors, bumper, hood, and other parts of your vehicle. Whether you need to promote a restaurant, a real estate property, or a retail shop, car magnet signs can do the job very well. Also, they can be removed within seconds if you are using your car for personal purposes and don't want to display them at certain times.

When it comes to cleaning, the process is very easy too. You only need any household cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. If you wish to remove the magnetic sign, begin at one side, lift off and gently roll back. Take note that it if you need to store them, ensure that they are adhered to a steel surface or laid flat. You must never roll up the magnets because they will be deformed. 

Need custom printed vehicle magnetic signs? Contact us today to order! Our staff members are always ready to assist you in designing and printing the perfect promotional magnets for your business in the Philippines.

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