Promotional Ref Magnets: What Are Your Options?

Promotional Ref Magnets: What Are Your Options?

Visit any home and you will most likely see a wide range of personalized ref magnets affixed on their fridge doors. Here are some of the common options of promotional fridge magnets available in the market today.

Die-Cut Logo Magnets
Promotional ref magnets can be designed to your desired dimension, colors, and even shapes. Businesses can opt to have them cut to the shape of their logo or like a tiny replica of their brand. This option is effective because your target clients will most likely associate the design of your fridge magnet to the products and services that you are providing. Every time your customers use the magnets to clip their documents or electric bills on their refrigerator, they will surely remember your company and contact you.

Acrylic Ref Magnets
Many businesses choose this kind of promotional magnet because it comes in durable acrylic material that ensures long product exposure in your target customer's fridge. The print is protected by durable transparent acrylic, making it a good business invesment.

Vinyl on Flat Rubberized Magnet

Flat Rubberized Ref Magnets
Available in many thicknesses, this type of personalized ref magnet giveaway is suitable for any target clients. They are surprisingly cheap but highly effective in making your business memorable by providing space for your advertising message.

Reflective & Glow in the Dark Ref Magnets
For those looking for something unique and attractive, reflectorized and luminous fridge magnets are a great option. After all you can always purchase ordinary fridge magnets at any shop, but you will never find the one that will absolutely grab the attention of your prospects during the day and at night. Glow in the dark magnets are sure to appeal to your clients, making them perfect giveaways at tradeshows, corporate events, and other occasions. 

Want to promote your products and services to your target customers in the Philippines? Look no further than our promotional ref magnets that are professionally printed to help deliver your corporate message with impact. Send us a message today if you have any questions.

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